How to Get Started in Basic Woodworking and Carpentry

Basic woodworking and carpentry is easy to get involved in, depending on the type of projects you want to take on. If you are simply trying to refinish old furniture that you have in your home or you find at a yard sale, you won’t need a lot of tools. You may simply need a hammer, a screwdriver, some sand paper, and paint. The bigger the project, the more items you will need to have available. Building from scratch is always the most rewarding, but it also ensures that you need more tools before you can consider starting. That is why most people suggest that you start small if you want to know how to get started in basic woodworking and carpentry.

By starting small, you will avoid a lot of expense. You can start off with refinishing where you will only need the most basic tools. If it is something you want to get very involved in, you may decide to refinish and resell your projects as a way to add more tools to your workshop. The more tools you have, the more projects you can jump on. However, as a beginner, you should avoid trying to create projects that require a lot of detail to be added. Work on simple shapes and master cutting them from larger pieces of wood to create the things you want. Straight cuts are the key for all beginners.

As your ability to handle a saw and a measuring tape increases, you can start cutting different types of edges and building more complex items. You may decide to start out with shelves or cabinets. You may create an island for your kitchen. You may figure out how to do crown molding and baseboards for your home. Some projects you may be able to sell off and others may be just for fun. Creating signs or wall hangings that are in unique shapes and have character can sometimes be sold to people who enjoy the fact that someone still builds with wood.

The best thing about woodworking carpentry is that you start out simple and progress toward the next level. With wood, you can build anything. You are only limited by the ability of your mind to think creatively. That is why it is great for kids and adults to both learn a little about this outstanding hobby.

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