Anyone Can Enjoy Fun Carpentry and Woodworking Projects

When most people think of carpentry or woodworking they think of building houses. The truth is, “Yes, carpenters do build houses.” But you can also enjoy other types of carpentry without the knowledge of a house builder. Woodworking is a type of carpentry that allows you to build simpler things and none of them have to be as big as a house. Another truth is; anyone can enjoy fun carpentry and woodworking projects.

Shelves are one very easy project that you can do. It starts off as a box that you build using only square cuts. You need two long boards for the sides and two shorter boards for the top and bottom. However, your creativity can come into play because you can make it as large or as small as you want to. You can even make it square so that all sides are the same size. From there, you will want a backing for it. This should be cut to fit perfectly over the back of your shelving edges. After you have the back, the shelf racks should be made. For a basic shelf you will only need a couple pieces of wood that end from one side to the other. If you want to dress it up, you may want to go with a shadow box effect, which means that you will have several boxes within the original big box.

If you do not want shelves in your home, you can easily create birdhouses using only basic tools. Most of these start as a square box that is easy to build. Once you have the box created, you can easily add more decorative aspects to it. Some people opt to put imitation windows on it and little porch areas at the bird house opening. You can dress it up the way you want to.

If you have kids that are interested in woodworking and carpentry, you can build toys out of wood. It doesn’t take much time to build a car or a wagon for them to play with. However, by creating these you will need a saw that can cut in a circle or wheels off an old wagon that may be rusted out. Another option is to purchase new wheels, but that can add quite a bit to the price of your project.

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